Long before she became the First Daughter of the US, this beautiful, smart and driven woman was incredibly successful. And now it's time for her to share all the tips, tricks and wisdom that he's picked up over the course of her life. This is a book about the modern-day ladies that are not limited by the rules made by man and are free to go wherever they want and do whatever they want.

The previous generations had to put up with numerous restrictions, inequality, and even harassment, but not anymore. Women today are their own shepherds, and that comes with a huge responsibility. The road is paved, and now it's up to the new generation to make its mark and change the world for the better. Ivanka Trump is one of those exceptional women that manage to find the perfect balance between working hard and spending time with their families.

She's got more than a few pointers and hints for the young women from all over the world. Yes, her father used to be a construction mogul, and now he's the president of America, but it's always been Ivanka's hard work and dedication that allowed her to become one of the leaders in her field. You won't become a respected and renowned figure in business based on your family's wealth - that just doesn't happen.

This book is an invitation into the world of endless opportunities, a call to action if you will. So, with that said, Women Who Work is a vital book for all the struggling ladies out there who want to find their true calling in life and be successful at what they really love to do. Finding your purpose isn't an easy task, but brilliant women like Ivanka will help you find it!

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