WonderThe book's main character, Auggie (short for August), in a 10-year-old boy who suffers from a facial deformity that makes other kids and even grown-ups avoid him. That's why he's never been to a regular school - until now. And the one thing that he's been dreaming about for his whole life is to be seen and treated by the others as a normal, ordinary boy. However, nobody at the school sees him as an equal and he can't really seem to make real friends. Wonder is an amazing story about fighting your fears, your insecurities and seeing beyond the physical skin. Now, even though August is the main character, we get to experience the points of view of his sister, her friends, and the other kids in town.

This #1 Bestseller is about struggle, compassion, strong emotions and the freedom of will. The critics call Wonder one of the best books for your kids - of all ages, skin colors and nationalities. It's an educational novel and no other book out there will make your children understand that sometimes kids have to deal with "grown-up" problems and that they need to be treated with respect and love.

August is a strong, lovely character, someone to look up to and to cheer for, a true hero of our time. His facial anomalies don't turn him into a monster - he's just like any other kid at school: He likes to play on Xbox, is a big fan of Star Wars and wants only one thing - to blend in and to be accepted. We see little boys and girls get bullied and mistreated every day, and R.J. Palacio managed to deliver a new, fresh, exciting story that's full of hope and kindness. It's about the simple things, the most important ones.

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