worth-the-trouble-by-jamie-beckThe St. James series of books is both heart-warming and heart-wrenching, perfect for a nice evening read in the weekend. Worth the Trouble is the second novel in the trilogy and one of Jamie Beck's best stories to date. Cat, the heroine of the book, is a cover girl, and everyone thinks that she's living this fantasy life. However, it's got its mighty share of flaws, it's just that she knows exactly how to conceal the real truth and keep making folks believe that she's living in a picture-perfect world.

That same "set of skills" allows her to hide her new secret from her own relatives on her trip to her brother's wedding. The only thing that's bothering her right now is Hank, a soft-spoken, big-hearted guy that she never really cared about in the past. But, when she sees him at the reception, something breaks deep inside of her and her pain, confusion and frustration become stronger than ever.

And she drowns all her sorrows in a glass (or, rather, multiple glasses) of champagne. Hank, in turn, knows first-hand what sacrifice means, as he put his own ambitions on hold a long time ago to focus on his own family. But his pride has already been wounded once by Cat, and he's not about to let her, or anybody else, do the same.

Still, when she starts to act reckless, he does everything in his power to lend her than helping hand. The next thing that happens - she offers him a dream job that he simply can't say "No" to. Soon, they start to mix business with their own feelings towards each other, and that's when all the secrets come out. So now they'll have to decide whether they want to give in to this newly-found love or not...

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