wrong-by-jana-astonThis is Jana Aston's debut novel that became an international bestseller and touched the hearts and minds of countless women around the globe. Sophie, the main character, has one big problem: she's constantly picking and/or dating the wrong guys. The list includes gays, playboys, mommy's boys, etc. However, the bad experiences can't stop her from dreaming about that one and only man that will come into her life and take her breath away.

Now, all she can think about is that guy who's constantly having coffee at the coffee shop where she works whenever she needs some extra cash. She tells herself that it's just a little crush - it doesn't harm anybody, so, what's the point of denying it, right? Besides, she never really sees the man outside of the coffee shop, so, it's all good.

But, again, Sophie has never been a lucky girl when it comes to men and relationships, and when she goes to the student clinic hoping to get birth control, it turns out that the mysterious guy who likes to drink coffee at her workplace, is the doctor! So, now she's sitting on that table with a ridiculous paper gown over her naked body and trying to overcome her confusion. Still, she can't get herself to stop fantasizing about him.

At the end of the day, maybe he actually is an amazing guy and they are destined to be together? What if he turns out to be someone that she can fulfill all of her crazy, dirty and naughty fantasies with? Wrong is a fascinating romantic novel that comes with a catchy plot, an awesome line-up of character and a wonderful sense of humor. If you're feeling a bit down and want to read a book that will lift your spirit up, grab a copy of Jana Aston's debut novel!

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