One fine day, May receives a peculiar SMS message that invites her to a shady biker bar somewhere in NO (New Orleans), and she instantly knows that something funky is going down. Her sis sent her an SOS, but, when she rushes to the bar to rescue the girlie, she can't find the little minx anywhere, and May herself ends up in quite a pickle: she's walking around in super-pink espadrilles, there's a funny little dog in her purse and some violent folks are shooting at each other, with the poor girl right in the crossfire!

Thankfully, Ozzie, a big, bulky and handsome fella, saves the day, leaving her no other option but to follow his lead and to get to safety. As it soon turns out, the dashing stranger owns a private security company, and he takes her to the headquarters. That's where she finds a place to stay for the night and a job proposition.

Now, there's a crazed stalker who's trying to hunt May down, but soon she realizes that a psycho with a pistol isn't the biggest of her concerns: the longer she sticks around in Ozzie's "den", the more she falls in love with him. There's an undeniable chemistry between the two, and, even though they both know it's going to ruin their lives, they can't do anything about the primal attraction.

Yep, it was a wrong number that brought May into that notorious club, but it also took her to him - the most amazing man in her life. So, what's it gonna be: Will the dynamic duo work out their issues and be courageous enough to hop onto this insane rollercoaster, or will the bad guys pop 'em first? Wrong Number, Right Guy is a top-notch romantic comedy with just the perfect characters, an amazing sense of humor and an entertaining storyline.

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