Wyoming-Brave-By-Diana-PalmerWhen it comes to westerns and romantic novels, Diana Palmer is a world-acclaimed fan-favorite. Her books are always about that wonderful feeling of freedom, wilderness, following your dreams, staying true to what it right and finding happiness in this harsh-yet-rewarding world. The Wyoming Men series is about true Americans, a bunch of hard-boiled fellas who are not afraid to go for what they want and to fight for true love.

However, sometimes it can be hard to "surrender" to somebody and open up to them completely. So, will these men be strong enough to trust their women and confide in them? Ren, the owner of a huge ranch and the main character of Wyoming Brave, despises his riches. Ever since his fiancé left him half-a-year ago, he's been distant from every living soul.

So, it comes as a shock to everybody, including himself, when the rough-tough rancher allows another woman to stay on his territory. Meredith is a gorgeous young woman, and Ren keeps telling himself that he's just doing the right thing and trying to protect the dame from a crazy stalker. At the same time, his alpha-male instincts take control over his heart, mind, and soul, making him fall in love with her and do all kinds of crazy things.

As for Merrie, she can't deny the fact that the man who was kind enough to let her in is also a great-looking fella with just the right attitude. But, it's kinda hard for her to live side-by-side with a man like that. The thing is - if she gives in to her feelings, falls for him, and he breaks her heart, she might just not survive the pain. The fire between them is getting stronger with each passing hour, and the two are simply destined to be together.

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