yellow-crocus-by-laila-ibrahimLaila Ibrahim's groundbreaking novel is both heart-wrenching and inspiring, and it tells a fascinating story of love, hate, hope, friendship, unexpected bonds, and unbreakable loyalties. Yellow Crocus is centered around Lisbeth, an infant who was taken from her mom just minutes after she was born and handed to Mattie - a slave and a nurse.

The woman, in turn, never got the chance to raise her own son, so, in a way, the little girl became her own. That's how this remarkable story begins, and both Mattie and Lisbeth will have to overcome countless obstacles before they find true happiness. Now, even though the girl's life is privileged, she can't find a "soul mate" in her own parents - an overwhelmed mom and a father who's never really around.

So, as she turns into a young lady, Mattie, the nurse, becomes her one and only friend, her real family. Her own relatives seem like distant people to her, while the slaves make her feel like she's a part of something bigger. She regularly visits their quarters, and their community always shows her love and respect. Naturally, that brings the girl and the nurse even closer together, and their bond becomes stronger.

However, their worlds are so different that it's way too hard for a relationship like that to last. Or maybe they found a way to make it work? Yellow Crocus is a deep, powerful, touching story of an unusual bond and follows the life journeys of two strong women, giving the readers a chance to learn about their searches for love, freedom, strength and everything else in between. Laila Ibrahim wrote a true masterpiece, a one-of-a-kind novel.

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