Yes,-Boss-By-Juliana-ConnersJuliana Conners delivers an adrenaline-pumping erotic novel that will turn you on even after a long day at work. This is the story of Asher and Madilyn - a hot one, of course. The girl doesn't know that the man hired her for more than her dedication, motivation, and brains: he single-handedly picked her to work for him because she's just the perfect woman for him.

This wealthy gentleman is used to always getting whatever he wants, and right now the only thing that he truly wants is Madilyn - a gorgeous young girl with just the perfect curvy body. He's going mad about her, that smile is driving him crazy. And, even though she's a good, honest, even a bit innocent girlie, it takes her one look at him to turn the guy on. Asher's been enjoying the company of the most beautiful ladies on planet Earth, but he's never experienced an attraction like this before.

Yes, the big boss does feel like a teenage boy again, but that doesn't mean he's not going to teach her a lesson. She's just the ideal candidate for all of his "extra work". Who says you can't mix business with pleasure? Asher doesn't! Besides, this is HIS company, and he built it up from nothing, so, he's not really used to following the rules, especially when it comes to love, sex, and passion.

Asher loves to be in control - it gets him going. But will an innocent girl like Madilyn be ready to follow his rules? And who knows - maybe she'll end up being the one who changed him, not the other way around? Yes Boss is a classic "office romance" with a nice twist and a happy ending. If you love sexy romantic novels about dominant rich fellas and feisty young ladies, Juliana Conners is just the right author for you. Grab a copy and enjoy!

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