Youll-Grow-Out-Of-It-by-Jessi-KleinThis is a story about a modern-day woman, a contemporary lady that lives in the 21st century and struggles with everyday barriers towards true happiness. It's a super fun, kind and entertaining book about love, hope, and the greater good. Jessi Klein, the author, is an outstanding comedian and has been carefully watching the new rise of femininity from afar, without actually being a part of it. She shares a bunch of real-life stories that are both sharp and funny and talks about things that she herself had to go through. Womanhood is a very gentle, fragile thing and Jessi talks about it in an honest, hearty manner. It's like she's talking to a friend, sharing her deepest feelings and a few tricks and tips on how to survive in this crazy world. And that's why You'll Grow Out of It is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller - it connects with the modern-day ladies on a different level.

Jessi Klein had an amazing journey from a little girl who looked like a boy to a lonely teenager that everybody around used to call a lesbian. Sure, her life has been nothing like that of an ordinary young girl, but, as it turns out, a lot of women around the world experienced the same struggles as the author did.

You'll Grow Out of It is like the perfect textbook for you if you've never been "normal" but always wanted to find your place on planet Earth. It's a candid, revealing and hilarious manuscript for all those special ones who feel the need to talk to a real person like themselves and to believe that life will work out exactly the way they want it to. It's a one-of-a-kind book that lifts the spirit and warms the heart like nothing ever before.

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