Zahav-By-Michael-SolomonovIf you're a fan of Israeli cooking and have been looking for an easy-to-grab, step-by-step guide, you'll be pleased to learn that Zahav is exactly what you need! Michael Solomonov, an award-winning chef and the owner of an amazing restaurant, is the perfect man to introduce the brilliant Israeli cuisine to the regular American citizens. Mr. Solomonov opened his restaurant back in 2008, and, ever since that historical day, he's always been in the center of attention, making folks turn their heads and applaud in amazement with his unique interpretations of the contemporary Israeli meals.

The most exacting and stern critics couldn't stand the man's charm (and, of course, delicious cooking) and named him a total revelation. Zahav is your ultimate guide into the world of Israeli cuisine. Furthermore, thanks to the fact that the county was heavily influenced by Eastern Europe, Africa, and, of course, Middle East, you'll also enjoy the finest "specimens" from the respective world regions.

Michael Solomonov will steal your breath with cute, gorgeous and super delicious dishes, ground-breaking soups and many other world-class meals to die for. The greatest thing about Zahav is that all the recipes from the book are "adapted" to local ingredients, which means you won't have to travel thousands of miles just to get that one vegetable, fruit or herb. It's all available right here in the United States.

And the ingredients are pretty affordable, too. In addition, the book also includes a personal story from the author about how he came to appreciate his national food and made the whole world fall in love with it. You've got meticulous recipes and a passionate, lively writing style that makes reading and learning about the Israeli cuisine an exciting journey.

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