Zeus-Is-Dead-By-Michael-G.-MunzAbout a year ago, the beloved Zeus, the mightiest of all the Greek gods, was murdered, and now all the rest of the demi-gods are forced to live in our world. They've taken over the media, the casinos, temples, and big bad businesses. But Apollo is not like that. He still believes that the gods should serve the humans, not the other way around, and he receives tons of emails every day from the voracious folks who want him to help them with their day-by-day routines.

Yes, he's kinda overwhelmed with all that work, but there's still hope that Zeus could not be dead and that he'll take all of his "mates" back to the skies. But how can you bring him back to life? Thalia, a science fiction and comedy superstar, offers Apollo her help, and he's ready to put everything on the line, including his godhood, just to see his master alive again.

Together, the two must help Tracy, a haughty TV producer and Leif, a nerd-of-a-gamer. These blockheads are the key to Zeus's return, or, at least, that's what Apollo is hoping for. The prophecies are never set and done, and so, he'll have to "poke around" a bit and find out the exact recipe for resurrection.

Now, the mysterious killer that put Zeus down obviously doesn't want him to come back from the dead and haunt him for the rest of his life, so, he's ready to murder anyone who will try to revive him. But, the thing is - Apollo has no idea who these killers are and where they're hiding. Oh, and Thalia, his helpmate, is starting to get on his nerves. Zeus Is Dead is a witty, brisk, engaging and quite hilarious fantasy novel slash satire on the Greek Gods and the modern-day society.

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