Cohen's name is well-known in the billionaire slash trader circles, and his once-mighty SAC Capital, the "indestructible" hedge fund, used to be huge back in the day. But it came crashing down later, and Black Edge follows the biggest insider trading investigation ever. If you love best-sellers like The Big Short and such, then you'll definitely appreciate Sheelah Kolhatkar's wit, smarts and amazing journalistic grip.

The previous 2 decades marked a huge shift on the political/economic landscape of the United States and the rest of the world. The birth of a group of ridiculously-rich financiers had a great impact on the planet's future. These enormous resources allowed a tiny bunch of folks to write new rules that suit them best and to exploit 'em to the fullest.

So, how did it come to this? Why couldn't we predict and/or prevent this? Read Black Edge and you'll find out! Kolhatkar's meticulous research shows exactly how Mr. Cohen turned into one of the wealthiest and dirtiest men in modern-day finance. However, when the JD (Justice Department) finally caught up to him, there was not much he or anybody else could do. This fella and his "buddies" never built anything in their lives or invented new tech.

No, they made their fortune on speculation and insane bets that made them rich. Yes, they could just as easily fail, but they were lucky, in a way. And now they're not only stupid rich, but also have a huge influence over society. Today, hedge funds are operating with +/- 3 trillion (!) in assets, and the rush for money makes the traders do unthinkable things just to get to the top of their game. Black Edge is a gold-mine for all those folks that want to learn how Wall Street works and who the key players are.

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