Buffalo Bill and the Overland Trail

Edwin L. Sabin

ISBN: 1162972521

Release: 01/1970

Buffalo Bill and the Overland Trail by Edwin L. Sabin

 These books present n the form of vvd and fascinating fiction, the early and adventurous phases of American history. Each volume deals with the life and adventures of one of the great men who made that history, or with someone great event n which, perhaps, several heroic characters were involved. The stores, though based upon accurate historical fact, are rich n color, full of dramatic action, and appeal to the imagination of the red-blooded man or boy. History s the record made by men and women; so the story of the western plans s the story of Buffalo Bill and of those other hard workers who wth their deeds and even with their lives bought the great country for the use of us to-day. The half of what Buffalo Bill the days of the Overland Trail, has never been told, and of course, cannot be told any short book. He began very young, before the days of the Overland Stage; and he was needed long after the railroad had followed the stage. The days when the Great Plans were being opened to civilized people required brave men and boys—yes, and brave women and girls, too. There was glory enough for all. Everything related in this book happened to Buffalo Bll, or to those persons who shared n hs dangers and his deeds. And while he may not remember the other boy, Dave Scott, whom he inspired to be brave also, he will be glad to know that he helped Davy to be a man. That s one great reward n life: to inspire and encourage others.

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