Glenn Beck

ISBN: 1476798885

Release: 08/2017


How Progressives Exploit Our Fears for Power and Control is a must-have book for you if you're a conscious, confident citizen who wants to change the world for the better. Glenn Beck tells the harsh, real truth about progressivism and talks about how this system is capable of destroying the very foundation of the once-great United States. Back in the day, politics were all about promising people a better future, a brave new world for their kids to enjoy.

However, today, all the candidates turned to pragmatism and now they tell the voters whatever they want to hear. And the man (or woman) with the biggest promises is usually the one that becomes the next government official. Politicians may very well be the worst kind of folks out there, but the one thing they're not is stupid. They know that the best way to get the most votes is by talking about the worst things that are happening right now in the country and/or the world and then promising a brand-new world, a paradise on Earth that will eliminate hunger, sickness, terror and fear.

All the voters have to do is support the politician and wait for a miracle to happen. That's how they lie to the honest people - they keep on lying, while the citizens keep on believing. So, how do we break this vicious cycle? By understanding how the system works and refusing to support it. Glenn Beck reveals the most effective instrument to control the masses: fear.

We're all afraid of something, and the leaders of progressivism make sure to tell us about everything we should be afraid of and then offer their brilliant solutions. However, they want us to give up our freedom of will so that they can feed us with more lies and control our every move. The author of Liars shows us the real truth behind these promises and tells us that it's ok to take control of our own lives.

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