Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin

ISBN: 0342088297

Release: 01/1970

Poems by Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin

 Just there, over the crowned head,

Wasn't laid a woe of a nation,
Where Law is steadfastly set
With Liberty in combination.
Where every one obtains a shield,
Where, hold by righteous arms of people,
Their sword glides smoothly o'er a field
Of equal heads, not choosing singles,
And strikes the crime from righteous height
With force that only rightness bears,
Where fair arms could not be bribed
Not by a greed, not by a fear,
Oh, kings! Your crown and your throne
Not by your birth, by Law are given;
You stand over your people own,
But over you stands Law, even.

And woe, woe to the tribes
Where Law sleeps without care,
Where the people or the tsars,
Could govern over Law forever!

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