Present Over Perfect is a wonderful book about the most vital thing in the world - living your life the way you're supposed to, as opposed to always pushing towards perfection. It's about living a life that's full of meaning, joy, happiness and strong connections. Shauna Niequist, a bestselling author, comes back with an intimate, uplifting and inspiration autobiography that is destined for greatness.

Just a couple of years ago, she felt exhausted and devastated, with her body and soul aching. She was tired of always trying to be a perfect woman, and it seemed like pretty much everybody around her felt the same way about their lives. They were all striving for a deep, strong, meaningful connection, for something great, but couldn't let go of their busy lives and choose something different.

Shauna is a wife, a mom, a friend, a busy woman, but she managed to learn how to choose a life full of meaning, grace, joy and love. It's a liberating new way of existence, and in Present Over Perfect she'll tell you everything you need to know to start changing your own life for the better. It’s a free ticket into an exciting, game-changing journey. Don't worry - the author will be there with you on every step of the way.

You'll learn how to stop pushing forward and look around, find your inner voice and connect with it like never before. We were all put on this Earth to do something more than just stay busy and earn money. Shauna Niequist is known for her warm, kind, touching writing style, and this wonderful new book is her gift to all those women (and men) who are struggling with the day-by-day routine and want to break free from it. It's a call to action, a call to a wonderful transformation.

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