Rogue-One-A-Star-Wars-Story-By-Alexander-FreedCouldn't have enough of the recent smash hit, Rogue One? Looking for some new insights, additional scenes and materials? Alexander Freed's got your back! The Empire's scary shadow is consuming more and more planets across the universe, giving power to all kinds of troubling rumors.

The Rebels managed to get their hands on the schematics of a brand-new weapon for the Imperial fleet that's capable of ravaging entire worlds with one single blow. The adversaries have almost completed construction of the most horrendous machine of destruction, and there will be no stopping them after they launch this behemoth. The Rebellion has been dealing with the dark side's attacks for a pretty long time, but this is something entirely different.

Jyn, a nimble young girl, is consumed with vengeance, and she's the heroine of this incredible story. Cassian, a war vet, Bodhi, a rogue from the Empire's ranks, and Chirrut, a blind "ninja", are challenging the big-bad Empire and are ready to put everything on the line just to protect the countless worlds in the galaxy - the innocent ones. Finally, there's a real chance at stopping the monsters - there's hope.

With the plans of the gigantic weapon, the brave freedom fighters now have the keys to turning the tide in this centuries-old war. So, the fearless clique goes into deep space and strikes the enemy where it hurts. It's gonna be one hell of a ride, and you can expect a thrilling, exciting and fan-friendly journey in an epic Star Wars setting. Help Jyn and the others bring the Death Star down and let the Empire know the rebels are still kicking!

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