Ted Chiang

ISBN: 1447289234

Release: 05/2015


Very few people know that Stories of Your Life, a modern-day masterpiece by Mr. Ted Chiang, is the novel that the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster, Arrival, is heavily based on. Yes, the one with the giant alien ships and Amy Adams. And the book also includes numerous short stories that are gripping, thrilling and simply mind-blowing.

The author's writing style is so unique that you simply won't be able to put Stories of Your Life and Others down until you finish every last story. Yes, the man is truly one of the most gifted writers of our time, and it would be a shame for you to miss out on such an amazing book. These stories feature fascinating characters that, on one side, are pretty strange, but on the other one, are just like us, and they have to deal with all kinds of crazy situations and stay true to what they believe in.

They contact the aliens, suppress the rise of the automatons - stuff like that. Ted Chiang mixes his wit, intelligence and awesome sense of humor and creates a wonderful journey for us - the readers - to enjoy. He shows us what it means to live in a world where nothing's impossible and you can never guess what will happen to you in the next minute.

This is a world of uncertainty, but it's also a world of beauty, magic, and endless possibilities. Stories of Your Life and Others is a bestselling, award-winning and critically-acclaimed collection from a truly amazing writer that's about to become a modern-day classic. If you love deep, moving, touching and exciting stories that will haunt you forever, make sure to grab a copy and dive into the wonderful universe of Ted Chiang.

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