The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave trilogy #1)

51vucHDzQ-L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_There will be only 5 waves. After the first of them, only the darkness remains – and there will be no lights. When the second wave ends, only the luckiest of us survive. If you were unlucky you had escaped the third wave. When the fourth wave come, trust no one, because they will be among us.

Then the fifth wave begins. The main events start on a lonely length of highway. There the main character of the book Cassie tries to run from an invasion, representative. Cassie's chaser is an alien who looks like a real human. Those beings roam the landscape with very simple task – to kill everyone they could find.

Cassie knows the main truth – she must stay alone if she wants to survive. It will be harder to find you if you alone. Bat then Cassie meets Evan Walker. Very attractive yang man he is. Moreover, Evan gives Cassie a hope for rescuing her little brother.

If she will be lucky the Walker can save even Cassie. But she must do difficult chose. And how fully she can trust Evan Walker. Maybe she trusts hem because of great despair. Cassie does not know how she can easily choose between defiance and surrender.

The 5th Wave series:
Book 1. The 5th Wave
Book 2. The Infinite Sea
Book 3. The Last Star

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