The Enchantress Returns (The Land of Stories, Book 2)

The-Enchantress-Returns-The-Land-of-Stories-seriesIt all begins in the territories of the Sleeping Kingdom. All villagers are very happy because the Enchantress's ended. While they celebrating this great event, Sleeping Beauty feels not so good. She tells King Charming that she must go to bed and sleep for a while. But her dream does not last the whole night. Sleeping Beauty was woken up by the knights. They tell her that she must leave kingdom very fast because magic vines sprang up around the land.

Despite protests the Sleeping Beauty accompanied to the 3 carriages and put in one of them. During the riding in the night, Queen Beauty looked outside through the window. In the flash of white light, she did not see the magic vines. All she could see - the spinning wheels of the carriages.

When Alex Bailey returned home from a school she saw her twin brother Conner with a concern on his face. He was a really worried about their mother. She had not yet come from work yet. Moreover, the boy found a romantic note to her, written by the man she worked together. His name was Doctor Bob. Alex and Conner Bailey decided that they should not poke noses in their mother's romantic relationship. But when the woman returned home from work, the boy could not resist a temptation and ask her about the boyfriend…

The Land of Stories series:
Book 1. The Wishing Spell
Book 2. The Enchantress Returns
Book 3. A Grimm Warning
Book 4. Beyond The Kingdoms
Book 5. An Author's Odyssey

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