The inventions, researches and writings of Nikola Tesla

Thomas Commerford Martin

ISBN: 978-1684126637

Release: 01/1894

The inventions, researches and writings of Nikola Tesla by Thomas Commerford Martin

Written in 1893, the book is a record of Tesla's pioneering activities, research, and works.Tesla is recognized as one of the foremost electrical researchers and inventors.At the time of publication, the book was the "bible" of every electrical engineer practicing the profession. The book contains Forty-three chapters, most of them on different areas of Tesla's research and inventions by Tesla. The first chapter is a brief biography while three chapters are transcripts of important lectures and one covers his section of Westinghouse's exhibit at the Chicago World's Fair



Martin stated that, "No attempt whatever has been made here to emphasize the importance of his researches and discoveries".The ideas and inventions are conveyed in their own way, determining by their own place by intrinsic merit. But with the fact that Tesla blazed a path that electrical development would later follow for years to come, the compiler of the book endeavored to bring together all of Tesla's work up to that point in Tesla's life Aside from indicating the range of his thought and originality of his mind, the book has historical value because it describes the scope of Tesla's early inventions.

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