The Kite Runner by Kathleen Grissom

The-Kite-RunnerAmir grows up in a wealthy family in Kabul and thinks that the Hassan is his good friend no matter that he is the son of the house servant. Children love to be together. But one day, Amir commits a terrible betrayal of Hassan and their friendship breaks.

Decades later, Amir has the opportunity to make amends for his mistake, but his great guilt makes him despair. Along with Amir, the readers are moving through the violent history of Afghanistan and the uncertainty rules of immigration. They take part in the life of a boy who grew up under these circumstances and learn as an adult how to deal with the guilt of childhood.

The book does not let you go before you read the last word. The childhood of the Amir and his friend Hassan in an Afghanistan is not marked by wars. It is marked by flying dragons, which has become a symbol of freedom and identity. Amir has a complicated life. Many times he remembers how he fled with his father from the Russian invaders and settled in Fremont, California. With great love, Kathleen Grissom describes the life of father and son in the United States.

Finally, Amir draws by the fate back in the destroyed by the Taliban Kabul. The English author shows us the ethnic almost like Persian charm and is not difficult to understand the motivation and thoughts of Amir. It is really a moving reading and in the end, you will be very touched by the deep humanity message what contained in the Kite Runner novel!

You can find so many interesting themes in this book: and the childhood in Afghanistan people, the experience of racism and violence, the story of the personal failure and reparation, the biography of the author, the fate of the treatment of refugees - all these issues give readers new experience.

The author of this wonderful book was born in 1965 as the son of a diplomat and a teacher in Kabul. He is growing up with four siblings and well knows the Afghanistan before the war with the Soviet Union and the Taliban. In 1976, his family goes in the diplomatic service to Paris. Khaled studied medicine and later worked as a doctor in Northern California.

Wonderful novel, beautiful language. The Kite Runner is ideal for school children's reading and it is very well received by all students. The Kite Runner is highly recommended for everyone.

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