the-life-we-bury-by-allen-eskensJoe, a modern-day student, has to handle his writing routine for the English class. Nothing fancy about it, except that his job is to interview a complete stranger and write a short bio of the man/woman. The deadline is kinda harsh, so, the guy decides to go to the nearest nursing home and to find the right person to ask all those stupid questions.

That's when Joe meets Carl, a man that changes the young man's life drastically. He's a Vietnam Vet, and he's slowly dying. Furthermore, he's a disgusting killer, convicted by the state. He's got only a couple of months to live on this Earth, so, the officials had him medically paroled to this nursing home. The man has been rotting in prison for 3 decades after he raped and murdered an innocent person.

So, Joe starts to write about the Vet's life and the more he learns about his heroism in Vietnam, the less he believes that a man like that could be capable of doing such a horrible thing. Carl's story makes the student forget about everything and focus on revealing the real truth behind this story. But, as it soon turns out, it's kinda hard to do that while still taking care of all his responsibilities in the real life. Still, he does manage to uncover some fabrications in the soldier’s conviction.

He even gets his neighbor, Lila to join him in his quest, and together they dive deeper and deeper into the investigation. And, as the two learn more about the case, the stakes grow dramatically. Will Joe be able to figure out what really happened before his curiosity draws the "heat" on him? The Life We Bury is a blood-chilling psychological thriller that grabs the readers with a strong narrative and a suspenseful, mysterious plot. Allen Eskens created a breath-taking, adrenaline-pumping masterpiece.

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