The New World of Islam

Lothrop Stoddard

ISBN: 1533647259

Release: 01/1970

The New World of Islam by Lothrop Stoddard

The deep yeast of the Islamic world today. 250,000,000 followers of the Prophet Muhammad from Morocco to Chna and from Turkistan to Congo are moving towards new accounts, new slanders, new aspirations. A massive transformation is happening, the results of which must affect all people. This transformation was greatly hampered by the last war. But it had started long before. More than a hundred years ago, seeds were sown and never developed at that time; slowly and uncertainly at first; then faster and more insightful; To this day, under the excitement of Armageddon, a sudden and eerie bloom has erupted. The story of that strange and dramatic evolution that I try to tell in the next pages. Considering various aspects - relevant, cultural, political, economic, social - I tried to portray it and its development, analyze its character and evaluate its strength. While giving due attention to local differentiation, the equations and foundations of the various movements have been preserved so far. Although the book mainly deals with the Muslim world, it necessarily contains non-Muslim Hndu elements of Inda. The area thus covered almost the Near and East Mddle. The Far East has not been properly accepted, but parallel developments there have been made and should always be borne in mind.

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