the-pharaohs-secret-by-clive-cusslerThe critics are calling Clive Cussler the modern-day king of mystery thrillers and action adventures, and The Pharaoh's Secret is his latest offering to the fans. The master starts a new game-changing series with this novel, the NUMA Files, and, judging by the first book, it seems like we're in for a mighty treat!

The story begins with Kurt, the chief of NUMA, and Joe, his partner and best friend, confronting a brutal powerbroker whose one and only goal is to create a brand-new Egyptian empire that will be just as breath-taking as those led by the ancient rulers - the Pharaohs. So, how is this madman going to build an entire empire? Well, first of all, he wants to use a freshly-discovered aquifer that lies directly beneath the Sahara desert. However, that's not the villain's greatest weapon, and he's got something far more dangerous that could potentially devastate the entire planet.

He currently possesses a mysterious plant that they call the black mist that is believed to have otherworldly powers. The ancient prophecies claim that it can take life from the living folks and give it to those who are lying in their graves. The balance in Africa, Europe, and the entire world is threatened, and Kurt, his most trusted partner and the whole NUMA crew will have to put their own lives at risk to find out the real truth behind the rumors.

However, in order to do that, the brave men and women will have to face Osiris, the king of the Egyptian underworld. Will they be able to "reason" with him, or is this mission doomed from the beginning? The Pharaoh's Secret is a bold, brisk and gripping mystery thriller that will keep you on your feet. The fine mix of action, adventure and suspense make it one of the greatest novels in the genre.

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