Release: 02/2003


This historical novel published in 1850 and describes events of the 17th centre in Massachusetts. It is a masterwork of Nathaniel Hawthorne. The story takes place between 1642 and 1649. The main character of it is Hester Prynne, who explores in great details such questions as sin and legalism.

So, all began in Boston in summer of 1642. Some people gather to see how Hester Prynne will be punished. She made a crime of adultery. So, the woman is guilty in the eyes of the Puritan society. Since that day she must wear an "A" letter on her dress. Scarlet painting of that sort is the symbol of adultery. It is a perfect way to shame young girls.

Hester stands For three hours near the scaffold, listening cursing of the crowd. The people are especially mad with her good looks, dignity, and especially because her refusal to reveal the name of her future child's father.

Suddenly Hester sees in the crowd her long-ago vanished husband. She thought he died at sea and never come back. When the man understands why his wife is punished, he claimed that the father of his wife's child must be punished too.

The first edition of this novel (2500 copies) was sold out within 10 days. The Scarlet Letter became a big hit. Today you have an opportunity to buy copies of the first edition no less than 18 thousand dollars.

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