the-tresspasser-by-tana-frenchTana French is most certainly not new to the genre of crime novels - she's got a dozen of those behind her back, all bestsellers. Furthermore, the critics are calling her the greatest crime novelist of the last decade or so, while the fans appreciate her smart, unflinching, riveting narrative that glues you to your seat until the very end. The Trespasser tells the story of Conway, a detective who joined the Murder squad only to find out that it's not really what she imagined it would be. Stephen, her partner, is pretty much the one and only person that supports her.

The rest of the team treats her really bad, and the job for her right now is a never-ending stream of harassment, pranks, and stupid cases. So, even though she's as tough as they come, all that B.S. is starting to catch up to her. And the new case doesn't seem to be anything extraordinary: it's just another case of a pretty blond who was found dead in her own room, right next to a romantic dinner.

Nothing special, same old same old. However, Conway can't shake the feeling that she's seen her somewhere before. The whole team is pushing her and Stephen to pin it all on the boyfriend, but the detective starts to realize that there's something much bigger hiding behind this murder. As the investigation unfolds, Conway learns that the victim was nothing like the "perfect doll" they all thought she was.

The stakes are getting higher by the minute, and the detective will have to prove to herself and the whole squad that she's ready to handle even the most unusual and sophisticated cases. The Trespasser is atmospheric, addictive and thrilling. The narrative is superb, the characters are amazing, and it's safe to say that this is the best novel by Tana French to date.

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