Simon Sinek

ISBN: 1591847850

Release: 09/2016


Simon Sinek's groundbreaking and bestselling books started a whole movement in the genre, and the critics are calling him one of the brightest minds of our time. And now the master is back with Together Is Better, a wonderful, inspirational book that comes with amazing illustrations and the right encouragement for the regular folks to help others, improve themselves and become more confident. There's no arguing the fact that our life is a series of choices, and we get to choose what to do on every step of the way.

Do we turn left, or right? Do we jump into the action, or do we shy away from it? You can never really tell whether a choice you made was the right one or the wrong one, and it can get quite confusing. However, there's a really big, defining choice that greatly affects our trip down the road: do we like to travel alone, or are we fans of going through our journey together? Only a very small percentage of people is brave enough to ask for help and an even smaller one is ready to lend that much-needed helping hand to the ones who really need it.

But, when we, the human beings, truly understand that together is better, it will be so much easier to find the courage to do the right thing - help others. Together Is Better comes packed with mighty quotes, brilliant illustrations and a very touching, profound story about 3 kids who go to a new, "uncharted" playground and stand strong for what they believe in. This tale is a powerful metaphor for anyone who is ready to change his/her life for the better.

Human relationships do matter, and we should all pay much more attention to them than we usually do. Because strong relationships lead to more trust, stronger bonds, and better results. Together Is Better might look like a children's book at first, but it's actually intended for the adult audience. Simon Sinek delivers an inspirational, honest, down-to-Earth book that you should take with you wherever you go.

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