Troublemaker-Surviving-Hollywood-And-Scientology-By-Leah-ReminiThe world-known celebrity, a beloved star, Leah Remini, delivers an insightful, revealing memoir about her experiences in the Church. This woman has always been the kind of a brat to speak her mind and never holds back anything. She's never been afraid to express herself and say whatever she was thinking at that moment. Standing her ground, rattlin' that social/political/universal cage - that's pretty much who this exceptional girl is.

Leah is not only talking the talk, but also walking the walk, and that's exactly what allowed this rough-tough lassie to become a star in the US of A. At the same time, being a troublemaker can have its downsides, and this book documents every single "incident". Back in 2013, when she broke with the Church, everybody was talking about it.

And Troublemaker gives us a chance to learn about everything she felt at that time and everything that she had to go through. It was painful, and saying goodbye to something that you've been a part of for a very long time isn't easy, but that was the right decision for her, and she stood by it. Leah is not the type of a girl to "Photoshop" something ugly - she always goes for the truth, and that is why she's got a huge fan-base around the world.

The author became a star in LA after years of hard work and dedication, combining it with the Church. Yet, when she started asking some inconvenient questions about it, they called her a threat and made her own fam abandon her. This eye-opening, hilarious and gripping memoir will be the perfect gift to all those folks who are struggling with self-identification and finding their true cause in this life.

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