When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

When-Breath-Becomes-Air-by-Paul-Kalanithiepub-mobiThirty-six ears old Paul Kalanithi found out that he has lung cancer and it is the stage IV. He was a father, he can be a legendary neurosurgeon, but he received a death sentence. In one breath moment, he became a patient for his colleagues. From the doctor, who treats the dying, he became doomed man. He starts struggling with death and failed. Paul Kalanithi is no more. He has died in the spring of 2015. And had not enough time to complete his last work – this book, the beautiful novel of his final and desperate fight.

It is a book about how despair a future he and his wife had dreamed together. When Breath Becomes Air tells you how the author was changed in different stages of his life. It all starts when he became a student in a medical institute. He was especially enchanted by the mystery of life. In his younger days, Paul Kalanithi tries to find a meaning of it.

Then he went to Stanford and studied the most important part of the human body. For Paul, it was the palace of everyone's identity. When he received information of his inevitable death, he asked himself new questions. He tried to find the meaning of life in a few days before death. Are they really worth living? Paul Kalanithi was puzzled by the question what he must do because his life no longer goes to the goals he chose earlier.

I cannot go on. I will go on. Those words Samuel Beckett said many years ago. And they are all about this book, Paul Kalanithi and his fate. The author of When Breath Becomes Air is dead, but his work lives and inspiring people. When you read it you will realize your own mortality and maybe became wiser.

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