when-im-gone-by-emily-bleekerEmily Bleeker delivers a riveting, heart-warming and breath-taking novel about letting go of the past and moving on, finding happiness. The main character of the story, Luke, had to go through a terrible thing: he just said goodbye to Natalie at her funeral. She had been his wife for 16 full years, and now that she's gone, he doesn't know how to make himself believe in life again.

Well, there's no time for mourning, because he's got 3 kids to take care of, and only he can help them go through this horrible loss and get back on their feet. So, that's what he's going to do - cope with the pain and raise the children. However, there's more to the story: when they get back home, he notices a mysterious envelope on the floor with his name on it. He instantly recognizes his wife's writing, and soon he finds out that Natalie has been writing a lot of letters ever since she started getting a treatment for her cancer a while ago.

Luke is certain that it's his wife who wrote all those letters, but the question is - who's delivering them to him? He becomes obsessed with them, and, as he digs deeper and deeper, he uncovers a number of huge secrets that make him question everything about Natalie and their life together. At the same time, he also finds a way towards a joyful, happy life where he gets a second chance at building a family.

All the words, all the memories give him hope and strength to carry on, to take care of their beautiful kids and to find love again. When I'm Gone is, first of all, a romantic novel and a drama, but it's also a brilliant adventure story with mysteries and big secrets. The critics are calling it the new P. S. I Love you, and that means tears of pain and joy are guaranteed!

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