Jamie Back

ISBN: 150121232X

Release: 03/2015


The St. James series of books has been dominating the international lists of bestsellers for a while now, and Worth the Wait is the first novel in the trilogy, so, if you ever wanted to read this amazing story from the very beginning, now is your perfect chance! As far as women's fiction and romantic novels go, Jamie Beck is most definitely one of the best writers, and that means you'll have an awesome experience with this book.

It's been 13 years since Vivi first laid eyes on and fell in love with David, her friend's brother. And, even though it's been more than a decade, her love for the guy is only getting stronger, as she's known his family for a very long time - they saved her from a lonely, restless childhood. So, now, when she travels to Block Island to spend some quality time with the St. James family (the one that's always been there for her), all Vivi can think about is seeing David and trying to reunite with him.

She dreams that he'll finally see her for who she really is and will fall in love with her. The thing is - after his mom died, David distanced himself from all his relatives and friends, trying to hide a shocking family secret. Furthermore, he didn't come alone to the reunion - he brought a new girlfriend with him, and she's got some serious plans for the guy.

And the last thing he wants right now is to add his irresistible attraction to Vivi to his ever-growing list of disasters. So, what's it gonna be? Will David and Vivi finally be together, or is their love for each other doomed from the very beginning? Read the book and find out! Worth the Wait is a wonderful romantic novel that will touch the hearts of millions of ladies around the globe.

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