A-Court-Of-Mist-And-Fury-By-Sarah-J.-MaasIf you love A Court of Thorns and Roses, then you'll most definitely fall in love with the breath-taking and captivating sequel. That's right - Sarah J. Maas is back with a brand-new book that's set to break the record of the first one. Feyre survived the events at the end of the first book, but the cost was pretty high.

Despite the fact that she how possesses the true powers of the High Fae, she's still a regular human, and that's why she can't get herself to forget the horrible things she had to do to protect and to save Tamlin's people. Furthermore, she still can't get cope with the fact that she made a bargain with Rhysand, the Night Court's Lord. So, while Feyre is roaming in the dark world of politics, great powers and love, an even greater evil is emerging, one that's set to destroy everything that the girl holds dear.

And she might be the only one that can stop it. But she will only be able to defeat it if she takes control of her harrowing gifts, stops blaming herself for everything that happened, "fixes" her shattered soul and decides - once and for all - what she want her future to be like. The future of the world that's split in two is also in her hands, and the fight for survival is just beginning!

The Throne of Glass series is an international bestseller and sold more than a million copies worldwide, and the second book, A Court of Mist and Fury, is a killer combo of masterful storytelling, action-packed scenes, hearty conversations and difficult choices. Get ready for a ride of a lifetime and don't forget to clear your mind and soul and gather your strength before you start reading the book!

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