a-great-reckoning-by-louise-pennyLouise Penny, an award-winning and bestselling author, delivers a masterpiece with her latest novel and proves once and for all that she's one of the greatest writers in the mystery thriller genre. A Great Reckoning is a deep, magical, riveting novel, a highly suspenseful and thrilling story that will touch the hearts and minds of millions of folks around the globe.

Armand, the main character of the book, gets a map on his 1st day on duty, and it allows him to uncover terrifying secrets. The map takes him to places that he doesn't really want to visit, even though he's one of the toughest officers out there. However, he has no choice, and he must follow through with the lead and uncover whatever conspiracy (or is it a conspiracy?) is "cooking up".

On his journey, Armand meets 4 cadets in the academy and discovers the body of a dead professor with a copy of the map that he has. And no matter where he goes, Amelia, one of the cadets is always there. She doesn't look like somebody who would dedicate her life to the academy, but there she is. She was the professor's most favorite student, and now she's got her own agenda.

Soon, the investigation focuses on Armand and his relationship with the girl. The cops think that he could somehow be involved in the murder case. So, the investigators have to go back to the man's hometown and put an end to this story once and for all. A Great Reckoning is an emotional, heart-wrenching, powerful book that will leave you speechless and mesmerized. It's suspenseful, fast-paced, super-addictive and comes with shocking twists and turns.

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