Callypso managed to make it through the horrors of being trapped in the insane king's hands, his horrifying prison. Yet, the fight is far from being over. The girl has the scars to remind her of the time she spent as an "inmate". Furthermore, there's enough evidence to be sure that the moron is still out there.

A fae celebration gives Callie and her friend, Des, an opportunity to enter their kingdom and investigate further. Yet, the vivid, bright and blooming realm puts a stop to it and forces them to handle more pressing concerns. The royal scandals, conspiracies, and intrigues have never been a strong suit of Callie's, but if she wants to make a difference, she'll need to act swiftly. The fairies aren't at all innocent and all-loving creatures.

True, some of them are pure of heart, but others are hungry for some blood and flesh, others dream of vengeance, while the rest of them are so perverted that you can't even utter their desires. The one thing that's 100% for sure is that none of them are who they want everybody to think. You can't judge these fairies by their appearances.

The kingdom is full of secrets: dead guards, enslaved peasants, and magical trees are just some of the things that Callie learns about on her way. A dark force is coming, and this girl is the only one who can stop it from devouring the lands and every last person on them. Never before has she encountered an enemy this strong...Laura Thalassa wrote a wonderful dark fantasy novel that mixes myths, legends, and ancient fairy tales to deliver an awesome experience for the readers. The fans of the genre will most certainly appreciate this book!

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