an-ideal-husband-oscar-wildeThis is a comedic stage play that debuted back in 1895. The author, Mr. Oscar Wilde, is one of the greatest Irish novelists, and he did an amazing job with An Ideal Husband. The story is heavily focused on corruption, extortion, honor, and more. The stage play is set in London and lasts for only one day - 24 straight hours. The critics are calling it Wilde's greatest dramatic play. By the way, it's the also his second most popular play.

So, how did the man come up with the idea of this play? Well, he started working on it in 1893 (in summer, to be exact) and he finished working on it by the end of winter. They say that he wanted the Garrick Theatre to check it out first, so, he sent them the play. However, they rejected it without even explaining the details.

Still, Wilde managed to "squeeze" it into another theater and the play quickly became popular. Furthermore, the play's success pretty much saved the first theater that accepted it. The play opened in 1895 and lasted for as much as 124 performances. At the same time, when Wilde was arrested based on some wild accusations, his name was immediately "scratched off" from the play.

As for official publication, the play was released in 1899; again, the Irish writer was not mentioned as the author, even though he was the one who brought it to life. It's worth mentioning that the published edition is a bit different from the play, as Wilde excluded and included a lot of content. An Ideal Husband is considered to be one of the finest plays of its time, and it proves that this man was not only a gifted writer but also a talented "play master".

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