Logan used to be a prince (technically, he still is), but now every single person out there knows him as The Beast. He's been living in solitude for the last 4 years, trying to protect the world from the darkness deep inside that he can't contain and/or control. However, he's a royal figure, and that requires him to attend all kinds of social events from time to time.

So, he gets himself ready and goes to this fancy suitor’s ball, even though picking a wife isn't something he ever thinks about. But, it takes him one look into her beautiful eyes to know that he's in love. Isla is a princess, and she's just too innocent, sweet and honest to be a pair for him. The Beast keeps telling himself that he can't get close to her, as that would probably hurt her and break his own heart.

One look at that gorgeous body is all it took for Logan to go crazy. When he pressed her fragile body against his big, mighty muscles, everything else stopped to matter. Those lips are the most attractive thing in the world, but this affair is a crash course for both of them. She's off-limits, a virgin that someone of his "rank" can't mess around with. Besides, all that darkness is not something you share with an adorable little thing like Isla.

The beast is out, and he's hunting for his beautiful prey. But what if she's the only woman in the world that can "tame" the monster inside of Logan and fight that darkness with her light? Beasting Beauty is a fascinating take on the classic story with a sexy twist. This is a filthy, dirty and naughty story about a damaged man and a mesmerizing girl that changes him for the better. If you're a big fan of insanely sexy tales with a happy ending, grab a copy of this bestseller!

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