broken-by-willow-wintersHis name is Kade. He's got no heart, and he's a brutal, stone-cold killer. He doesn't care about anybody else but himself, and he never hesitates to do whatever's necessary to get what he wants. He destroys everything that stands in his way and doesn't even sweat it. But then she comes into his life - Olivia. She's an innocent, kind, sweet girl who just happens to be at the wrong place and at the very wrong time. And now she belongs to him.

That's right -she's his property, and he can do to her whatever he wants and however he pleases. A girl like that has never been a part of his life or anything like that, but he can't stay away from her. Olivia looks so cute, and that curvy body simply begs him to do something nasty to it. He wants to make her submit to him, and that becomes his one and only goal in life. However, the ones who "gave" her to Kade are now back to take her away.

So, what's a bad boy like him going to do? Just let go of her and go back to his old, ruthless life without a single purpose? Or no, he's ready to fight, and they'll get Olivia only if they manage to beat him to death. Let them all come - he's confident he'll put every single one of them down. Kade tells her "You belong to me", and he intends to keep that promise.

Willow Winters is a brilliant author, and she usually writes sexy, hot, easy-to-read romantic novels, but Broken is a dark romantic story, so, get ready to feel the tension on your fingertips and to stay up all night trying to finish the book. It's safe to say that Winters delivered her best work to date, and the chemistry between Kade and Olivia is worth the greatest praise. Make sure to grab a copy of Broken on your way home and enjoy this fabulous story!

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