But What If We're Wrong? by Chuck Klosterman

But-What-If-We're-Wrong-Thinking-About-the-Present-As-If-It-Were-the-Past-by-Chuck-Klosterman-It is a very provocative book. The author questions are simple in the first view, but difficult at the same time. He tells us that the humanity is really uncertain about comprehension of many natural things and laws, including even a gravity or time? He asks about our memory of music styles. Can we remember the metal music genre after 500 years? Is it something important in images that could tell us our own dreams? Can TV give us important things? Are we must be serious about it? Is it true, that after some time a sport will be dead?

Chuck Klosterman asks and another kind of questions and describes vast possibilities of human unknown. He tells us, that the greatest artist of our time may be working in complete obscurity for decades, and the world could not know even his name. Is it disrespectful to him when we praise another artist, who will be forgotten in few decades completely? And the real serious question. Can be passable to overrate our political system? In other words, is it good to cultivate democracy?

"What If we’re wrong?" book and all its questions do not appear out of anything. It was based on many conversations with creative thinking men and women. The subjects of this book are serious, but it is not a hard reading. It is because of Chuck Klosterman's humor and an easy style of narrative.

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