A day without laughter is a day wasted


Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham, the lovely star of several wildly popular TV shows, is also quite a gifted writer. This is her debut novel, and it's captivating, witty and super fun. This is a story about a talented young lady who wants to be an actress. She's lost i...


Michelle Love

Owen is a brilliant plastic surgeon and has a soft side for BDSM. He's not ready to share his passion with the world, as he's kinda afraid it will make things worse. Petra is a student in desperate need of money; so, when her friend tells her about a...

Today Will Be Different

Maria Semple

Maria Semple is back with a brand-new bestseller about 1 day in the life of a regular woman who's forced to let go of her modest ambitions and embrace a new, scary-yet-rewarding future. Today Will Be Different tells the story of Eleanor, a modern-day...

Frazzled: Everyday Disasters and Impending Doom

Booki Vivat

If you want your kids to read a ridiculously funny, sweet and honest book that's full of adventure and excitement, make sure to grab Booki Vivat's latest masterpiece. It's safe to say that the smart, witty and curious kids will have an awesome time w...

Room Service: A Sexy Romantic Comedy

Poppy Dunne

Alex is a hard-wired woman who wants to prove to the world that she's not just her daddy's little girl but a qualified professional. So, she's "stuck" in a 5-star hotel room, working her ass off for 16 hours straight. She's all in, and doesn't want t...