Cravings-By-Chrissy-TeigenIf you've been looking for the ultimate book with delicious recipes for all the food you want to eat, then you'll be happy to learn that Chrissy Teigen's got your back. She's just the perfect girl to ask for some down-to-Earth, working tips and tricks on how to make some magic happen in the kitchen. She can spend days talking about breakfasts, dinners, and lunches, and you better keep your ears perked if you want to learn to cook like she does!

Chrissy spent years collecting and perfecting her favorite recipes (and putting them on Instagram, of course), so, now you know why she's the ideal woman for the job. Healthy breakfasts, tasty suppers, amazing snacks - you'll find it all in this amazing book. It's got hundreds of world-class recipes - spicy, salty, for parties, a quiet family dinner, a romantic date - whatever you need. If you've got a set of hands and a head on your shoulders, you'll most definitely make sense of the recipes in this book and change your diet overnight.

Chrissy Teigen has a fun, bright, likable personality, and she cooks and talks about it as if she's standing right next to you, chatting like an old friend and sharing the coolest secrets about cooking. It's safe to say that Cravings is one of the best cookbooks to ever hit the shelves. It's easy to read, funny, got tons of pictures and won't make you feel like an outsider even if you've got no kitchen skills whatsoever.

Every single person will find a recipe that they'll like, something they can cook and enjoy without having to get into all the tricky stuff. Chrissy is a supermodel and a highly successful woman, and cooking has a very special place in her life. What, you're a fan of cooking too? Then grab a copy of Cravings and start making some delicious foods! The critics are already calling it the best celebrity cookbook of our generation!

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