Inspiring autobiographical books are a rare thing these days, but it's safe to say that the modern-day generation needs them like never before. A.J. Mendez Brooks, the legendary (and gorgeous) WWE femme fatale, has recently retired, but she's still got what it takes to put you and your buddies down. She's strong, agile, confident, and a little bit of a hussy.

However, believe it or not, she wasn't born like that, and, in order to become a superstar, she had to overcome numerous obstacles towards international fame and glory. Crazy Is My Superpower is a deeply personal, intimate, honest and revealing book that Brooks uses to open up to her fans and tell about all the struggle and pain that she had to go through. We all have our inner demons, and they want to bring us down, to make use believe that glory was never even meant for us.

But the truth is - we are all destined for greatness, and fascinating ladies like Brooks are a great example of that. Don't be afraid to follow your dreams; don't be afraid to be the best of the best. The author knows first-hand what it feels like to be called a freak, a tomboy, a weak sissy, a nerd, a crazy person - yet, that never stopped her from pushing forward and working day and night to achieve her goals.

Besides, all of those nasty labels helped her find confidence and courage to keep going no matter what. She never really used to be a regular kid, and the whole world kept telling her that being different was wrong. It took her a while to realize that it's actually the other way around. The bottom line is - if you're insecure, afraid of failures and think that disappointment is the only thing in stores for you, grab a copy of Crazy Is My Superpower and start believing in yourself!

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