L. J. Charles

ISBN: 1482573393

Release: 09/2011


L. j. Charles has more bestsellers on the bookshelves than you could ever count, and the Everly Gray series is probably her most successful one to date. Everly Gray: The Adventures is a bundle, and it comes with the 1st 3 novels in the ground-breaking franchise. Touch Of Ice follows Everly who seems like an ordinary modern-day girl, but she's got a very special gift that she considers a curse.

It takes her a simple touch to see things - like dead bodies, for example - and that makes her a great asset for the law enforcements. She touches Mitch, a photographer, and gets a vision of a dead corpse. Soon, she figures out that the deceased person was related to a family that messed around with a brutal criminal. El goes through pain, devastation, confronts a ruthless killer, and saves the day.

The Novella is centered around a thief that's stealing charity money from an internationally-known company. Jayne, an accountant, is ready to do whatever's necessary to put an end to this. So, she asks Everly to lend that much-needed help. Both their lives are in danger, and the girl will have to experience the human vices and deal with a crooked cop, huge family secrets and then some.

L. j. Charles delivers a mighty mystery thriller that's perfectly balanced, blessing the readers with exciting, enthralling stories, a great main character, lots of action and fun. As far as relaxing and satisfying evening reads go, Everly Gray is a great pick for the fans of the genre. And this bundle is a great opportunity for you to save some money and get the first three books at once. Tell me you're not interested!

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