Finders Keepers: A Novel (The Bill Hodges Trilogy, Book 2)

finders-keepersFinders Keepers (The Bill Hodges Trilogy, Book 2) start with the murder scene as the Mr. Mercedes starts. Morris Bellamy killed a 79-year-old writer John Rothstein. He murdered him in his own home with the help of couple shady guys.

Killer disagrees with the end of John Rothstein's trilogy about young, hungry man who eventually settles down and sells out. The name of this character is Jimmy Gold and killer associated himself with him. Morris Bellamy thinks that John Rothstein has done a deadly sin when in the end of his trilogy he turned the rebellion of the young man into corporate obedience.

When the killer empties writer's safe of cash he found the real hidden pearl. It is a bunch of notebooks with at least one more novel about Jimmy Gold. The killer hides the money and the priceless pages and very soon he goes into jail for one more crime he took part.

Three decades later, a thirteen year old boy finds the hidden treasure of Morris Bellamy. The young finder (Pete Saubers) is in great danger. Bill Hodges must protect him and his family from Morris Bellamy. The criminal is released from prison after 35 years imprisonment and he full of vengeance.

The Bill Hodges Trilogy:
Book 1. Mr. Mercedes
Book 2. Finders Keepers
Book 3. End of Watch

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