Fish-In-A-Tree-By-Lynda-Mullaly-HuntFrom Lynda Mullaly Hunt, a bestselling and award-winning writer of children's books comes an emotionally-charged, charming and inspiring book about growing up, finding your place in life and dealing with the feeling that you can't fit anywhere. Every single person is clever in his/her own way, and if you, say, judge a fish by its tree-climbing technique, you'll make it feel like it's stupid and doesn't belong. That's one of the best lines from Fish in a Tree.

Ally, the main character of the story, is pretty smart, and, so far, she's been able to trick a lot of grown-ups. She can't read, but, every time she arrives at a new school, she does the impossible and doesn't let anybody learn her "secret" by creative smart tiny distractions. She refuses to ask people for help, as she's afraid nobody will be able to "cure" her.

Fortunately, Mr. Daniels, Ally's new teacher, can see through the trouble maker's skin and addresses the smart, creative girl that's hiding inside. He helps her learn how not to be hard on herself all the time and convinces her that dyslexia is not the end of the world and you should never be ashamed of it. So, the girl's confidence slowly, but steadily grows, Ally starts to be herself around people and numerous opportunities open up for her.

She understands that she's a unique, special person and that labels don't apply to her or any other bright, clever minds that are just a bit different from the rest. Fish in a Tree is a perfect book for your kids if you want them to learn about their place in this life and the fact that no matter how different people are, we still have to accept and cherish them.

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