Good-As-Gone-By-Amy-GentryAs far as mystery/suspense thrillers go, Good as Gone is a near-perfect read for the fans. Julie, a 13-year-old teenager, was abducted from her own bedroom right in the middle of a regular night - her little sister saw it all happen. Her family was devastated, but they still managed to stay strong and became even closer than before. The only thing that they had was hope - hope that their little girl will miraculously come back to them.

After years of agony and unbearable pain, one day, the front door's bell rings. A beautiful young girl who's believed to be the grown-up Julie is finally back! Yep, she's not a little girl anymore, but the most important thing is that she's safe and sound. Obviously, the whole family is crying tears of joy, but the kid's mom, Anna, can't shake the feeling that something's wrong and/or that "Julia" is not really her baby.

She hates to think like that and despises herself for even letting those thoughts get into her head, but she can't get rid of them. Soon, an experienced detective who's working as a private investigator contacts her, and Anna starts a painful-yet-necessary quest towards a big revelation. She's focused on figuring out what's really going on and who the woman truly is.

The mother desperately needs her to be the daughter she's been waiting for all those years, but she can't calm down until she goes through with the investigation. Good as Gone is riveting, adrenaline-pumping, suspenseful and full of tension. If you're a fan of Gone Girl, you'll most definitely appreciate Amy Gentry's A-grade thriller. It will glue you to your seat and make you stay up all night trying to guess how this blood-chilling story is going to end.

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