heat-wave-by-karina-halleHeat Wave is a heart-warming, charming and sexy women's romantic story about believing in yourself and taking chances with life. If you want to dive into a beautiful journey before the holidays, make sure to grab a copy of this book. Karina Halle is a bestselling author of several brilliant novels about modern-day men and women who are striving to be happy. Veronica, the main character of the book, lost her dear sister 2 years ago, and she still can't get over it.

The grief is sometimes unbearable, and, on top of that, she just lost her job at the restaurant, which forces her to go back to her parents' house and stay there with them for a while. Obviously, that's the last thing she wants to do right now, so, when someone offers her to run a tiny kitchen at a nice hotel in Hawaii, she immediately says "Yes" and goes for it.

After all, it doesn't really matter where she'll be as long as she can support herself. Besides, a small adventure might just be what she needs. However, there is one problem: the guy who owns the hotel is getting on her nerves. Yes, he's kind of an asshole, a jerk. He knows exactly how to get under Veronica's skin and that drives her crazy.

At the same time, Logan is also a tall, muscular stud with dark, brown eyes that look right through you and an unbelievable Australian accent that would make any girl loose her mind. The wonderful Hawaiian weather and the carefree lifestyle allow the girl to relax. Logan is always right there next to her, and soon she realizes that he's not at all the man she thought he is...Heat Wave is a hot, sexy and romantic novel with a wonderful cast of characters and brilliant writing.

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