Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan articulated the need of a central unifying authority to avoid what he referred to as “state of nature” (“war of all against all”). He argued that for a society to function and control dissension there should be a governing body possessing supreme power to rule. His pronouncement laid the groundwork of political science and remains among the most significant ideas that influenced the emergence of a powerful sovereign that act as the enforcer of peace and justice.

The Leviathan was written during the English civil war, a period in the history where political and social structures are just beginning to take shape. His declaration of the philosophy of political and natural science met an intense challenge that included charges of rebellion and accusations of attempting to overthrow the government. His work was finally published in 1651, couple of years from the fall and execution of Charles I.

This edition of Hobbes' work is based on the original text preserving the style and format of the period it was written along with the author’s own notes in order to present an authentic and clear expression of the polemic that helped shaped our modern world.

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