living-with-a-seal-by-jesse-itzlerJesse Itzler is a gifted entrepreneur, and he was brave enough to live a full month with a decorated Navy SEAL. That's right, 31 days of heavy lifting, jogging, dieting and everything in between with one of the strongest soldiers on planet Earth. Jesse is a dare-devil; he's all about living on the edge and being bold, risky and reckless.

So, when he felt that he was getting too comfortable in his own skin, he called the toughest guy in the world and asked him to live with him and train his for a month. This guy is like the modern-day version of Rambo, while Jesse is just a regular dude. However, even though the SEAL is not one for kind words and nice chants, this "dynamic" duo soon became great friends, and the author gained so much more than just a fit body and knowledge about proper eating.

At the end of the day, Living with a SEAL is a super funny, moving and inspiring book that once again proves that if you want to change your life for the better, you'll have to get out of your comfort zone and explore. Even if that means doing whatever a SEAL tells you to while he's yelling at your and making you go through unthinkable efforts in the gym.

Ultimately, that's what it takes to introduce some real changes into your daily routine, but the results are very well worth it all. Jesse Itzler did a fantastic job of chronicling his tough "journey", and, because of his brisk, hilarious writing style, tons of insights and a motivating experience, this book is a must-have for all those folks who want to introduce something new and exciting into their lives, but don't really know where to start. Just grab a copy of Living with a SEAL at your local bookstore or online and learn about all the "horrors" that Jesse had to go through.

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