Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

Madame-Bovary-Madame-BovaryMadame Bovary is one of the gems of French literature and one of the greatest novels of the 19th century. It was written in 1848 and not published until 1857. Madame Bovary novel tells the romantic story of Emma Bovary's passion, describes her hasty marriage to the simple, but good-hearted doctor Charles Bovary.

As the Effi Briest novel and the Anna Karenina novel, the Madame Bovary has provided a scandal after publishing. All three novels describe women who perceive their marriage as a prison, tries to break it out and eventually fails. In all three novels, the social relations play an important role.

These novels are not novels or women emancipation, but they represent a change in the women's roles of the 19th century. Moreover, all three novels are considered now the beginning of the realism in literature, precisely because all characters and society were displayed realistically.

Flaubert wrote his work for about 5 years. All the time he wrestled with himself trying to find right sentences and words that would be more accurate and poetic as possible. Perhaps Madame Bovary is the logical development of Balzac's realism. Flaubert 5 years of work have been reflected in this prose and you can feel it very easy – just try to read this novel.

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